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Alfred S. Antici
1930 - 2009

On December 20, 2009 at 9:35 PM, Alfred Antici died after a long battle with cancer.  The last few days of his life were painful, both for him and for his beloved family.  We are all grateful to the Lord above that he did not suffer too long.

This page is devoted to a man that I think of as the greatest man I've ever known. You will be missed dearly Pop.  We will always remember you and know that your legacy of love, kindness and devotion to your family will live on for all generations to come.

Share your memories and love of my dad.  Sign our e-memorial wall and share a thought with us.  God Bless.

R.I.P. Pop.  We love you.

12/8/2012Barbara Antici Reginelli My grandparents were Filippo (Philip) Antici and Maria Pirani Antici. Both were from the District of Ancona, Italy, in the town of Ostra. They had 9 children: Elizabeth Antici Barbieri, Edwin Antici (my father), Edith Antici Spagiarri, Rita Antici Furini, Lena Antici Grattifiori, Michael Antici, Angelina Antici Morris, Teresa Antici Marinelli, and Anthony Antici.
Filippo siblings were Chester, Palmina, and Vincent. Their parents were Antonio Antici and Teresa Pacenti Antici.
If you are familiar with any of these names, I would appreciate your getting in touch with me at freginelli@yahoo.com.
12/20/2010Diana Antici To My Dearest Husband:
It is a year today that you left me and my heart is still breaking. I will never get over losing you and I miss you every day. I look at your pictures and see your smile and see the love you had for me and your children. I know that the love is still there, I just wish I could hold you again.
All my love - Diana
4/27/2010Jim & Andrea Schiffer Once a friend of Al, always a friend of Al. We have known Al through work, golf, and social occasions with Diana. As everyone has repeated in their thoughts, he was a very special man. He will be missed by all. P.S. As a fellow golfer with Al, I fondly remember the time that he was on a par 3 hole and he shanked a shot into the woods. As Al was prone to do, he took a "mulligan", and lo and behold he got what he said was a "hole in one" and jumped for joy. But,all of his fellow golfers reminded him of his mulligan and congratulated him for getting a par 3 on the shot. Needless to say, Al vehemently disagreed and this continued to be a topic of conversation for a long time. I bet he is still trying to justify his hole-in one with the final arbitrator in heaven.
4/16/2010Hal Anderson Farewell to a Good Friend

Telephone rings:
“Aal? This is Haal!”
“Haal? This is Aal!”

And for over 20 years, this is how our friendship, carried over from Vicks, whenever we called one another by phone.
My compadre, paisono, buddy, Al Antici was one of a kind. I loved him, I enjoyed him, I plagued him and I always felt he reciprocated in the same way. It was a warm friendship.
In our early years at Vicks, Al was cloistered somewhere “downstairs” in LA/FE (Latin America/Far East pronounced “Laffe-E”. I began to know him as he “conspired” to move up to Vicks while were still in the Channin Building in New York City.
After our move to Wilton, our paths crossed continuously with Al in Military Sales and I in Sales Promotion.
Al’s birthday, just 10 days from today, made him older than me by 11 days and he never let me forget that. Also, our mutual co-worker, Don Marshall, also birthdayed in April and he was 10 years older than us, so we always, for many years, had a birthday luncheon together. It was like that at Vicks. You were not only good workers but good friends too!
As retirement approached gradually for some and dropped suddenly on others, I found myself working again outside of Vicks. My new selling “career” put me again on the road into the Danbury area and as Al retired later, I had the opportunity to teach him the act of humility and how to lose gracefully in the games of hearts, pool, darts and golf. (I played golf once with him and Andre, and when he asked me why I counted all the strokes, I knew I would never be in their league, so I retired that day!) Actually, should the truth be known, Al was a fierce competitor. Our pool game was just a teeny-weeny bit in his favor, but the challenge was always there. When we were both diagnosed with cancer, Al took the challenge and fought back. He was no quitter.
Even as I remember Al as an “almost confirmed” bachelor, what does he do but ups and marries Diana. This was one of his best moves by far because Diana became the light of his life. When Michelle and Michael appeared on the scene it only added to his great pleasure. He loved his family.
Al Antici is gone, but his memory lives here today in the lives of those around you. His great smile, curly hair and deep laugh still remain in my thoughts and I know in yours too!
“Remember me as I was” were his words to me from Diana. And that request from Al should be a worthy tribute to a guy who enjoyed a thirst for living and was faithful to the completion of his journey.
Goodbye ole buddy! Hal

P.S. The photo is of Al, Tom and Hal when a group of Vicks folks visited me after my back surgery. After a long day of work, they drove down to Valhalla Hospital with costumes, top hats, dessert and their usual jokes. Someone sent this photo which unfortunately doesn’t include Al’s curly hair but it does catch that infectious smile.
3/31/2010Joe Vaccarella I got to know Al thru our wives. Diana and my wife Maryann were high school friends.Al was a classic. He always had class.I never heard him say an unkind or mean thing about anyone. He was honest, kind and had integrity; we should all be like that!
We were visiting once, after Al had retired. He gave me a piece of apple pie he had made from apples he picked himself. Wow, Good!!---I said " Al, if they (our wives)go before we do, would you come live with me?" What I wouldn't give to have another piece of Al's home-made apple pie and the conversation that went along with it. I loved that man. I guess we all did. He was simply the best!!!
2/15/2010Robert Lyons Vim, Vigor, Vitality! A zest for life. A life well lived. A man well loved.
2/15/2010Elaine Blasso Lyons Al was always young at heart and fun loving. The first Christmas with our family he just got to know us. My mother was a joker, hiding gifts, making people search. Al caught on right away. I think it was the second Christmas with our family that Al gave me a gift I will never forget. It was a sweater brush for the girl that has everything. It was shaped like a double humped camel. Well we all had a good laugh. Al was a wonderful addtion to our family and my husband and I were very happy we were able to spend time on vaction with Diana & Al on a river cruise through Germany. We certainly had a great time. He is missed.
1/25/2010Ken Nohe Dear Antici Family,

I just wanted to quickly share what a wonderful person Al was to all of us who got the chance to interact with him during our RVI careers. He was and will always be remembered for having a beautiful soul.
I heard a poem once that explained that "grief is more durable than stone" but I hope the joy that Al brought to his family and by extension his work family will some day wear that stone to sand. God Bless!
1/24/2010Marjorie Brown Friendly, considerate and kind are words that describe Al. He is missed by all who knew him.
1/22/2010Paul and Carol Starinsky I just finished reading all of the condolences. Everyone's thoughts-words describe the Al Antici Paul and I knew and remember.

We met on a bus in Italy in 1996. We were fortunate to be sitting across from them as we traveled North and South throughout Italy. I remember his love of sweets, sports and theories on investments, but, mostly his love of his family.

We connected again in FL. We visited Al and Diana at their home in Sarasota. While Paul and Al golfed, Diana took me touring where she volunteered. I remember Rusty, too. What a wonderful dog.

Diana, I know your family has stood by you throughout this ordeal and loss. I remember how close you were with your children.

We send our heartfelt sympathy to you and your children.

Jesus is holding him now for eternity.